Three ways Quizlet helps you learn English more easily

What is Quizlet and how does it help you learn English more easily? For many years, the most popular way of learning vocabulary has been to write new words down in a vocabulary book. However, in 2021, this seems complicated. Think about it. You need to buy a book, you need a pen, you need to carry it around with you, and so on. Surely there must be something that helps you learn English more easily?

The good news is that, thanks to technology, there is a shorter and quicker way to help you learn English more easily. It can be used on your laptop and, at the same time, as an app on your phone, and it is widely used by both students and teachers. The electronic vocabulary book for the new generation of language learners is called…Quizlet.

Read on to find out how Quizlet helps you learn English more easily…

Quizlet can help you learn English more easily. Photo by Rasheed Kemy on Unsplash.
Everything is in one place

When I was at school, I had to write everything down in a vocabulary book. Perhaps you had to consult a separate dictionary to find the meaning of the word. You might have had different pages for different topics (and enough space for them). With Quizlet, you can coordinate everything in one place.

For example, you can create a set on colours or irregular verbs. In almost all cases it will give you a definition or a translation in your language. You can also add to this list over time, or even delete words from the list if necessary. You can create the set on your laptop and it will automatically be available on the Quizlet app on your mobile phone, and vice versa.

So, you don’t have to remember to bring your vocabulary book with you to look at on the train or in the waiting room. It will all be there waiting for you as an app on your mobile. This means that you can learn and revise vocabulary almost anywhere.

You can choose to learn in different ways

Quizlet offers you several different methods of learning vocabulary. If you create an electronic set of memory cards it will show you the word, and you can type the answer.

You can choose the language for the question and/or the answer – monolingual or bilingual. You can listen to the pronunciation of the words.

If you are a visual learner, you can insert graphics as a way of revising your vocabulary.

You can even play games! There are some great matching exercises that Quizlet has converted into computer games. Quizlet offers you a variety of options to match your learning style in an entertaining way.

Quizlet helps you learn English vocabulary. Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash.

During the learning process, Quizlet repeats the words you don’t know until you successfully memorise the whole set. This means you can focus on the words you’re weaker on – or you can even create a separate set for the words you find difficult.

You can find and use materials made by other learners

If you are starting to learn a new language, many of the sets you will want to create are already available on Quizlet.

For example, if you want to create a set on irregular verbs in English, you can search Quizlet to see if one has already been created by another learner. You can then change it to create a new set for yourself – so you can delete words you already know, and add new words you don’t know.

The great thing is that you will always have this set – so over time you can return to it.

Tip: look at sets created by schools and teachers – they are the most thorough and reliable.

So! If Quizlet is free, what’s stopping you from creating your own account? A video showing you how to set up an account can be found here.

Your learning goal for the week: create a set containing the new words you learned from your last English lesson and send it to the other students in your class.

Take ownership of your learning with Quizlet!

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