How to improve your English for work

You want to know how to improve your English for work – but want it to be specifically for activities and tasks you do every day. How can you make a connection? How can you find the correct phrases and additional vocabulary you need so you know how to improve for your English for work? Here are some of my suggestions and some strategies that my students use.

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Read a general business English magazine

Business Spotlight is an excellent magazine produced for business English learners. The magazine looks at contemporary issues. The articles at written at different CEFR levels, so there is something for every English learner. Vocabulary definitions and explanations are in each article. Topics are about popular areas of business English such as negotiations, presentations, making small talk, e-mails and so on. You can buy it many newsagents in Berlin. A number of my students already subscribe to it.

Subscribe to a Professional Association

Are you member of a professional association or body? What would the similar association in the English-speaking world be? For example, one architect I taught follows RIBA on social media and receives their newsletters. He also does this because it keeps him ahead of the wants and needs of international clients. It also prepares him for any expectations international clients may have. Professionals in the construction and real estate industry are members of RICS. Go to the search engine of your choice and put the name of your industry and ‘professional body’. Sign up to their newsletters and add them to the social media sites you use.

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Google Alerts

Is there new vocabulary you’ve learned or something you need to discuss more about? Sign up to Google Alerts. It will give you articles and items of news about the topic. One professional I worked with uses it for his career. Using Google Alerts helps him prepare for interviews for projects for his company. It also enables him to speak more authoritatively about issues in an up-to-date way.

Make the most of LinkedIn

Making your social media more ‘English speaking’ is something else you can do. The best social media platform for doing this is LinkedIn. This social media platform is increasingly seen by many advanced English learners as a way of preparing themselves to enter the business English speaking world. One profession I work with, who has a career in digital marketing, has joined as many English-speaking groups as she can. She follows the ‘thought leaders’ of her industry. Not only does she learn new phrases, it also enables to her keep up with trends in an ever-changing industry.

So, how do you start improving your business English?

Well, that’s where I can help you. I worked in a variety of industries in the UK (have a look at my LinkedIn profile) so I’m happy to share my knowledge of business English with you. Contact me here.

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