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Dear business professional,

I worked for many years as a Project Manager in the construction industry and local government in the UK. Successful communication was critical to my success in this role. For example, leading meetings, writing emails and reports, establishing rapport with clients and giving clear instructions to colleagues. As a Project Manager for a construction consultancy in Wales I worked on a variety of projects. These included hospitals, universities and concert halls. During my time in local government, I worked with a number of stakeholders on regeneration projects. My main project was the €9M restoration of two listed buildings in Newport, South Wales.


I first visited Berlin on a city break and kept returning. It became a dream to move here believing that ‘you only regret what you don’t do’. I was excited to move here in December 2011 and experience a new culture. Alongside being a UK National, I also became a German citizen in 2015.

However, adapting to Germany professionally wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. For instance, it wasn’t just about learning grammar and vocabulary. I noticed that the rules of communication were different to English-speaking countries. Above all, the communication strategies I used in the UK did not always apply to Germany. There wasn’t only just a new language to learn. There was a different cultural process to understand and a different way of doing business to get used to. Working with businesses in Berlin with English-speaking clients, I’ve noticed that the same thing happens in reverse. This is why my work involves three important elements – Collaboration, Intercultural Awareness and Blended Learning.

The next steps

If you want to get to know me more, then the first thing to do is to follow my blog. It contains tips to help you use English in business successfully.

I offer training to businesses and business individuals. Most importantly, I resolve English-language issues specific to you or your company’s professional situation.

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Remember that it’s not just about using the right words; it’s about triggering the right response.


Christopher Chandler

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