What My Customers Have to Say

What My Customers Have to Say

“Christopher quickly understood the English needs of our business and the culture of our industry (retail store design and curation). He was focused on taking our professional communication to a higher level, and was particularly helpful in advising on the intercultural aspects of dealing with English-speaking clients. For example, he advised us on how to develop rapport with clients in emails and the best way to present important information in writing. Most of all, we enjoyed working with Christopher and we would recommend him for your business.”

Daniela Eksen

CEO at BeMates GmbH

“Christopher is a great help to our business. He has a professional approach that meets the needs of our company. Christopher has been particularly helpful in proofreading texts and advising on issues relating to English-language business culture. We would strongly recommend his services.”

Gerald Schröder

CEO at Technology Consult Berlin GmbH

“Christopher has helped me and a team member (new English starter) to build sales dialogues in English based on our real-life situations with customers. His advice concerning English-language business situations is valuable. We are very pleased to be working with him.”

Stefan Pöhner

Store Manager at Valentino