Hello! I’m Christopher Chandler.

Do you feel frustrated when you use English in business?

David, a high-level manager, and his colleagues asked to work with me because they had problems communicating in English. David and his colleagues couldn’t always explain their ideas or give information spontaneously.

Sometimes, they didn’t understand what native English-speakers were saying. David had been told that his emails were too direct and were even sometimes impolite. David had tried apps to improve his English but had lost motivation after a few weeks.

David and his colleagues did not understand why they couldn’t use their business English successfully.

David is not the only professional who has this difficulty. Many business people living in Berlin can communicate in English but find it hard to clearly (and easily) say or write what they really mean. In my experience, it is because of limitations in the learning process. I deal with these problems in three ways; through collaboration, intercultural awareness and blended learning.

I specialise in working in partnership with companies. This means I work with you to define your specific needs. Together, we can develop a programme that is right for you and for your company. This is successful because, over time, I get to know your company’s needs personally, and I regularly analyse, review and refine those needs. This constant review maintains and improves your level of English. Use it or lose it!

I worked in the UK for 17 years in a variety of industries – Construction, Local Government and Field Marketing. I can help you learn what’s formal and informal, and when and how to make small talk. I know it’s not just about using the right words; it’s about triggering the right response.

Learning English in isolation is tough. Managing your motivation is the most difficult part. My personal approach of face-to-face learning, supported with digital activities completed in between, means that you can consolidate and build on your progress.


”Christopher’s training sessions are always helpful and enjoyable. The training materials he uses are varied, interesting and are at the right level. Christopher is interested in our business and helps us to talk about it in English. His experience in UK business is also helpful. We are very happy to recommend Christopher to you.”

Kerstin Franke, DCAM GmbH

“Christopher quickly understood the English needs of our business and the culture of our industry (retail store design and curation). He was focused on taking our professional communication to a higher level, and was particularly helpful in advising on the intercultural aspects of dealing with English-speaking clients. For example, he advised us on how to develop rapport with clients in emails and the best way to present important information in writing. Most of all, we enjoyed working with Christopher and we would recommend him for your business.” 

Daniela Eksen, CEO, BeMates GmbH

“Christopher is a great help to our business. He has a professional approach that meets the needs of our company. Christopher has been particularly helpful in proofreading texts and advising on issues relating to English-language business culture. We would strongly recommend his services.”
Gerald Schröder, CEO, Technology Consult Berlin GmbH

My blog has free training materials that I have created for companies. Please feel free to use these materials to help you with your business English. My blog also contains tips for intercultural communication.

Contact me at info@christopherchandler.de

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